Former NASA Employee Leads Collaboration Efforts at Texas A&M University

Thomas Leyk
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Rob Ambrose, a former longtime NASA employee, has been serving as the assistant director of the A&M Space Institute at Texas A&M University for the past two years. The institute was established by A&M’s Board of Regents in August and has been gaining momentum ever since.

With a vast faculty and a sprawling campus, Ambrose acknowledges the challenge of getting everyone together. However, he has a strong ambition to foster collaboration amongst the faculty members in order to advance the institute’s goals.

Ambrose believes that bringing together faculty members from different schools within A&M is crucial for writing winning proposals and achieving success in various space-related endeavors. Collaboration among experts from different fields strengthens the institute’s position and potential for success.

Furthermore, Ambrose emphasizes that collaboration extends beyond the boundaries of A&M. The A&M Space Institute seeks to engage with external partners and experts in order to enhance its research and development efforts.

By uniting faculty members and fostering collaboration both within and beyond the university, the A&M Space Institute aims to further its mission of advancing space-related research and innovation. Ambrose’s leadership and commitment to collaboration are instrumental in driving the Institute towards success.

As the institute continues to gain traction and explore new frontiers, Ambrose’s vision of a cohesive and collaborative environment will undoubtedly play a significant role in shaping its future achievements.

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