Neighborhood 91: The World’s First Co-Located Advanced Manufacturing Campus

Thomas Leyk
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Neighborhood 91, located at Pittsburgh International Airport, is the world’s first co-located advanced manufacturing (AM) campus. This innovative project brings together various industries, including jewelry, rocket nozzles, and brake parts, all being 3D-printed using advanced manufacturing techniques.

The idea behind Neighborhood 91 is to condense and co-locate companies into one location, enabling them to work faster, smoother, and at a lower cost. This collaborative approach allows for increased efficiency and connectivity within the additive manufacturing ecosystem.

The project was initiated in late 2018 by then-University of Pittsburgh Chancellor Patrick Gallagher, ACAA CEO Christina Cassotis, and County Executive Rich Fitzgerald. Pittsburgh International Airport, with its strategic location and close proximity to major highways and cargo facilities, was identified as the perfect spot for an AM cluster.

In 2021, during the COVID-19 pandemic, Pittsburgh-based Fortune 500 company Wabtec became the anchor tenant of Neighborhood 91. The airport’s location played a crucial role in solving supply chain issues caused by the pandemic. Despite challenges, the project moved forward rapidly, thanks to substantial funding support from the state and the contributions of various partners.

Neighborhood 91 not only aims to bring advanced manufacturing to the region but also focuses on economic and workforce development. Every manufacturing job created at the campus has the potential to generate seven additional indirect jobs within the community. This project showcases Pittsburgh’s willingness to reinvent itself and be at the forefront of innovation.

With its strong history of manufacturing expertise, particularly in metals, Pittsburgh is well-positioned to capitalize on the opportunities presented by Neighborhood 91. The project’s success demonstrates the potential of co-located advanced manufacturing campuses and highlights the benefits of collaboration within the industry.

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