Rocket Pharmaceuticals CEO to Speak at Genetic Medicines Conference

Thomas Leyk
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Rocket Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a late-stage biotechnology company that focuses on genetic therapies for rare disorders. The Chief Executive Officer, Gaurav Shah, M.D., is scheduled to participate in a fireside chat at the Chardan 7th Annual Genetic Medicines Conference in New York City. The event is set to take place on Tuesday, October 3, at 1:00 p.m. ET.

Rocket Pharmaceuticals is known for its integrated and sustainable pipeline of genetic therapies. These therapies are specifically designed to address the unmet needs of patients suffering from rare disorders. The company is at the forefront of innovation in the field of genetic medicine.

The Chardan Annual Genetic Medicines Conference is a notable event in the industry. It brings together key players and experts to discuss new developments and advancements in genetic therapies. Rocket Pharmaceuticals’ CEO’s participation in the fireside chat highlights the company’s commitment to sharing insights and knowledge with the scientific community.

The fireside chat will provide an opportunity for Rocket Pharmaceuticals’ CEO to discuss the company’s recent achievements, ongoing research projects, and future plans. It is expected to be a platform for engaging discussions on the potential of genetic therapies and their impact on patients with rare disorders.

Overall, Rocket Pharmaceuticals’ participation in the Chardan Annual Genetic Medicines Conference underscores its status as a leading player in the biotechnology industry. The company’s focus on rare disorders and its dedication to developing integrated and sustainable genetic therapies make it a promising candidate in the field of genetic medicine.

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