The King Korner Community Gaming Lounge Opens at Saint Augustine’s University

Thomas Leyk
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The Black Collegiate Gaming Association (BCGA) is excited to announce the soft opening of the King Korner Community Gaming Lounge at Saint Augustine’s University in Raleigh, NC. This cutting-edge gaming facility aims to create an inclusive and welcoming space for students, with a focus on promoting diversity and representation in the gaming industry.

The King Korner Community Gaming Lounge is made possible by the generous support of the BCGA’s partners, who have donated various resources to ensure an exceptional gaming experience for students. Partners include Sony PlayStation, GameStop, HyperX, 2k Sports, and EA Sports.

The BCGA’s mission is to empower black and women of color college students to enter the gaming industry as both consumers and professionals. The King Korner Community Gaming Lounge will serve as a hub for students interested in gaming and esports, offering networking opportunities and a space to learn and grow in the industry.

To celebrate the soft opening, the Saint Augustine’s University IT department will be hosting a series of game tournaments. The official Spring Grand Opening will take place in January 2024 and will include panel discussions featuring industry professionals sharing their insights and experiences, as well as networking opportunities with representatives from the BCGA’s partner organizations.

Saint Augustine’s University is grateful to the BCGA for their support in bringing the King Korner Community Gaming Lounge to life. The university is committed to fostering innovation and providing cutting-edge resources for its students.

For more information about the Black Collegiate Gaming Association and its initiatives, please visit their website at

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