Skylo Technologies Collaborates with R&S for NB-IoT Satellite Chip Test

September 25, 2023 Thomas Leyk 0 Comments

Skylo Technologies, a California-based Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity firm, has announced its collaboration with R&S, a major provider of test and measurement equipment. The partnership aims to conduct tests on satellite chips for connectivity over narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) networks.

NB-IoT networks provide low-power, wide-area coverage for IoT devices. These networks are especially well-suited for applications and devices that require long battery life and operate in remote areas with limited cellular network coverage.

Skylo Technologies focuses on providing connectivity solutions for machines and sensors in industries such as agriculture, fishing, and transportation. By collaborating with R&S, the company aims to further enhance its NB-IoT capabilities and improve the connectivity experience for its customers.

The partnership will involve R&S conducting extensive tests on Skylo’s satellite chips to ensure efficient connectivity and seamless integration with NB-IoT networks. These tests will cover various technical aspects such as signal strength, data transfer rate, and compatibility with different IoT devices.

By leveraging R&S’s expertise in test and measurement equipment, Skylo aims to validate the performance and reliability of its satellite chips. This collaboration will help ensure that the chips meet industry standards and deliver superior connectivity for IoT applications.

Skylo Technologies has been gaining attention in the IoT connectivity space for its innovative approach to providing affordable and reliable satellite connectivity. With this collaboration, the company aims to further strengthen its position in the market and expand its customer base.

Overall, the collaboration between Skylo Technologies and R&S will contribute to the development of robust NB-IoT satellite chips, providing enhanced connectivity options for IoT devices and supporting the growth of connected industries.

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