NASA Extends Agreement with Planet

Thomas Leyk
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NASA has recently extended its Cooperative Agreement Notice (CAN) with Planet, a satellite imaging company. The agreement will allow NASA scientists to continue accessing Planet’s continuously updating, global Earth imagery data.

Planet deploys a fleet of satellites that capture images of the entire Earth’s surface every day. The data collected by these satellites can help researchers monitor changes in the environment, such as urbanization, deforestation, and natural disasters. It can also be used to track weather patterns, agricultural productivity, and much more.

Under the extended agreement, NASA will have continued access to Planet’s vast image collection and will be able to use it for scientific research. This partnership will enable NASA to further its understanding of the Earth’s changing climate, as well as contribute to various ongoing projects.

The collaboration between NASA and Planet began in 2017, and since then, the two entities have been working together to leverage satellite data for a variety of purposes. NASA has been using Planet’s data to support missions such as monitoring hurricanes, assessing drought conditions, and studying the effects of wildfires.

The extended agreement with Planet will provide NASA scientists with a valuable resource for their research and contribute to the agency’s ongoing efforts to better understand our planet’s dynamics. By harnessing Planet’s satellite imagery, NASA will be able to gather critical data that can inform decision-making and contribute to a range of scientific studies.

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