CandleScience Expands to Modern Distribution Center to Facilitate Growth

Thomas Leyk
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CandleScience, a candle-making company based in Durham, N.C., recently relocated its warehouse to a larger and more modern facility in The Park at McCarran in Sparks. The new 96,000-square-foot space positions the company for tremendous growth in its western region customer base.

Corey Metoyer, CandleScience’s Nevada warehouse manager, stated that the move to the new facility has allowed the company to completely transform its western region operations. With the additional space, CandleScience has become self-sustainable, allowing for better organization and increased productivity. The company has also been able to hire more employees, increasing its headcount from six to 26 in just four years.

The relocation to the new facility was a strategic decision by CandleScience to meet growing customer demand. The company had been looking for a larger warehouse space for some time and seized the opportunity when it presented itself. The lease negotiations were assisted by CBRE, with Garrett Shutt and Eric Bennett playing key roles.

Currently, CandleScience specializes in selling candle-making kits and supplies. Its top-selling products include bottled fragrance oils, waxes, and tin/glass containers for holding candle waxes. The company offers over 180 fragrances and a variety of bulk candle tins for both hobbyists and professional candlemakers.

In the future, CandleScience plans to expand into the remaining warehouse space once the sublease agreement expires. The company is also awaiting the delivery of a new forklift to access its high shelving. With its new distribution center, CandleScience is well-positioned for continued growth and success in the candle-making industry.

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