India Developing its Own Air Defense System Similar to Israel’s Iron Dome

Thomas Leyk
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The ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas has highlighted the effectiveness of Israel’s Iron Dome air defense system. Despite facing a barrage of nearly 5,000 rockets in just 20 minutes, the Iron Dome provided significant protection for Israel. However, debates continue regarding its overall effectiveness.

Taking note of the Iron Dome’s success, India is now in the process of developing its own long-range air defense system. This ambitious venture, known as Project Kusha, aims to equip India with a robust defense system capable of detecting and neutralizing incoming threats.

Led by the Defense Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), Project Kusha is scheduled for deployment by 2028-2029. India’s LR-SAM (Long-Range Surface-to-Air Missile) system, similar to the Iron Dome, will be the centerpiece of this defense system.

The LR-SAM will have the capability to detect and destroy various types of threats, including stealth fighters, aircraft, drones, cruise missiles, and precision-guided munitions. It is expected to have an operational range of up to 350 kilometers.

The LR-SAM will feature interception capabilities similar to the Russian S-400 Triumf air defense system, which the Indian Air Force has recently integrated. It will utilize long-range surveillance and fire control radars, as well as interceptor missiles with the ability to hit hostile targets at distances of 150 kilometers, 250 kilometers, and 350 kilometers.

One notable feature of the LR-SAM is its impressive single-shot kill probability, with an anticipated success rate of 80% or higher for single missile launches and not less than 90% for salvo launches. This powerful system is designed to provide strategic and tactical defense for vulnerable areas, targeting high-speed threats with low radar cross-sections.

India’s development of its own air defense system demonstrates its commitment to enhancing its defense capabilities. With the LR-SAM, India aims to bolster its ability to detect and neutralize incoming threats, ensuring the protection of its territories and people.

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