Alabama Lawmaker Calls for Space Command Hearing

Thomas Leyk
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U.S. Rep. Mike Rogers from Alabama is urging Secretary of the Air Force Frank Kendall, U.S. Space Command leader Gen. James Dickinson, and Space Force Chief of Space Operations Gen. Chance Saltzman to testify in front of the House Armed Services Committee regarding the decision to keep Space Command in Colorado Springs rather than relocating it to Huntsville. Rogers chairs the committee.

The timing of the hearing is unclear as Congress is currently in recess for the month of August. Meanwhile, Space Command is expected to reach full operational capacity by the end of the month.

President Joe Biden chose Colorado Springs as the permanent home for Space Command after considering input from Dickinson and Kendall. Dickinson advocated for keeping it in its current location for quicker operational capacity, while Kendall argued for its relocation to Huntsville.

Rogers expressed his intention to hold a hearing to address President Biden’s decision, which he believes disregarded Kendall’s recommendation.

Previously, President Donald Trump selected Huntsville as the headquarters for Space Command, an organization responsible for deterring aggression in space and defending it if necessary. It is important to note that Space Command is separate from the Space Force.

Rogers’ call for a hearing comes after an article in highlighted Dickinson’s connection to Colorado. Allegedly, Dickinson purchased a ranch in Colorado earlier this year, but it was not mentioned that he is expected to step down as the head of Space Command. His replacement, Space Force Lt. Gen. Stephen Whiting, has already undergone a confirmation hearing in the Senate.

Simultaneously, space activities are increasing, with China planning to launch numerous satellites and the ongoing conflict in Ukraine and Russia highlighting the critical role of satellites in communication.

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